10-day parent course for

raising positive teens

A Mental Health Month Initiative to support teens and bring positive change.

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MyStrengths Assessment

Everyday, people across Australia are discovering their Top 5 strengths. Now, you can take the Assessment and discover strengths as an individual, family or a group. Learn more >>

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School Programs

Build on strengths. Maximise insights.

Leading the way in strength-based school programs, we help students to discover their strengths and adopt a growth mindset.

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Training Courses

Strength-based approaches

Our courses equip counsellors, social workers, coaches and teachers with strength-based strategies and tools for their work and life.

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Become a strength-based parent


3-Keys to Overcoming Anxious Thoughts

Help your teen overcome the anxiety, stress and worries that can be so crippling.

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Raising Resilience Parenting Course

The essential parenting course for raising positive teens

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Strength-based parent courses, research and articles

Evidence-based resources & help for parents of teens

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