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Strength-Based Workshops for Positive Wellbeing in Schools

Help every student to discover & live their top 5 strengths

Now over 100,000 students have discovered strengths!!

Many teenagers are having an
identity crisis.

Everyday they are wrestling with 3 big questions:

Who am I?

Do I like myself?

Will I be OK in my future?

So many know their weaknesses, few know their strengths.

Watch how MyStrengths has helped over 100,000 Australian teens to discover and live their strengths:

Schools are required to implement a strengths-based approach.

But where do you even start?

Hundreds of other schools are putting strengths at the centre of their wellbeing framework. MyStrengths will help you do the same.

Students who attend our workshop self-report that:


accurately discovered their top 5 strengths


became more accepting of their peers


grew in confidence and self-esteem

Hear what educators have to say about MyStrengths:

“All girls at Ascham School know their strengths. MyStrengths provides a platform that makes it easy, clear and compelling.”

Carolyn Heinz

HT Co-Curricular, Ascham School
“There are so many students who feel lost or have self-doubt. MyStrengths is the best tool I’ve seen to turn it around.”

Travis Mauvae

SSO, Glenfield Park School
“I’ve seen huge engagement from our most needy students to our most advanced. I couldn’t recommend it higher.”

Avryl Queffert

Principal, Liverpool Girls High School

    3 Simple Steps
    to get MyStrengths into your school:


    Schedule a Meeting

    We work with you to deliver programs that suit your aim, timeframe and budget.


    Run MyStrengths Programs

    Witness the positive changes among students and equip teachers with data and insights to advance well-being.


    Become a
    Strengths-Based School

    Training and resources for students, teachers, and parents. Integrate positive wellbeing into your entire school community.

    School workshops for stage 4-5-6 students

    Each 80-110 minute workshop includes a student survey which we place in a full reporting dashboard for schools to make informed, data-driven wellbeing decisions.

    Year 7-8

    Going into high school is a huge transition. Students feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to face the challenges ahead.

    MyResilience takes an early-intervention approach: 

    • Every student discovers their top 5 character strengths
    • A set of take-home strengths cards
    • Negative vs. positive self talk
    • Dealing with bullying

    Year 9-10

    75% of teens admit to feelings of depression, anxiety and/or low self esteem. Suicide & self harm is on the rise.

    MyStrengths moves students from self-doubt to self-assurance: 

    • Every student discovers their top 5 strengths
    • Schools get complete strength & wellbeing profiles for every student
    • Take home strength cards and parent pack
    • Small group engagement & 1-1 consultation

    Year 10-11

    66% of 16 year olds report significant stress and angst about their future.

    MyFuture is a follow up to MyStrengths and gives teens: 

    • A personal goal setting journal
    • How to face hardship
    • Building a growth mindset
    • MyStrengths refresher
    • Career insights

    We help you make data-driven decisions for effective wellbeing programs.

    Wouldn’t you love to have a wellbeing profile for each of your students?

    We make that happen by recording all the data gathered from our strengths-finder and wellbeing survey into a reporting dashboard.

    This allows your school to access a full suite of insights, reports, graphs and trends on student strengths and wellbeing.

    Your reporting dashboard can track patterns and growth over time. This data can even be presented to parents and the school community.

    What is a Strengths-Based approach?

    Across Australia, school wellbeing frameworks and curriculums are increasingly being informed by a strengths-based approach. This positive psychology methodology recognises that all students have strengths and abilities that need to be nurtured. Teachers and school leaders are encouraged to help students discover knowledge and understanding about themselves.

    Dan Hardie,
    Teen Counsellor
    Founder, MyStrengths

    Students are so aware of their weaknesses, but how many know their strengths?

    In my work as a counsellor I often meet with youth who have long been defined by negative labels: ADHD, anxiety, depression and more.

    Sure they might get some strategies to deal with this, but rarely is there a long-lasting shift in self-esteem, confidence and self-love that so many need. This is heartbreaking.

    That is why I created MyStrengths. A framework for schools and parents to give teens positive understanding of themselves, allowing them to discover and become defined by their strengths.

    Download our Free PDF: 2021 Youth Wellbeing Report

    See your students become confident, clear, & accepting.