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Everyday, people across Australia are discovering their Top 5 strengths. Now, you can take the Assessment and discover strengths as an individual, family or a group. Learn more >>

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School Programs

Build on strengths. Maximise insights.

Leading the way in strength-based school programs, we help students to discover their strengths and adopt a growth mindset.

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Training Courses

Strength-based approaches

Our courses equip counsellors, social workers, coaches and teachers with strength-based strategies and tools for their work and life.

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Taking Strengths Further

Articles & Resources

Finding a career with the Charismatic strength

One of the keys to flourishing in life is to find work that makes you feel alive and engaged. That will be unique for each person and...

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Does my teen have depression?

Most teens will have times where they feel low, unmotivated, troubled or directionless. It can be worrisome when they are sleeping in till midday, lose...

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Anxiety was already high. Coronavirus made it worse.

The current COVID-19 crisis has a whole new reach into the world of teens. It cannot be ignored or dismissed...

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