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Not cheap seminars. But powerful school coaching workshops

Training students to develop their strengths & resilience

Depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-harm in teens are all on the rise.


of teens report feeling stressed all or most of the time

1 in 5

11-17 year olds experience high or very high levels of psychological distress


of mental health issues occur before the age of 25

So many know their weaknesses, few know their strengths.

MyStrengths has reached a milestone: We’ve led over 100,000 teens ot discover their strengths:

Students who attend our workshops self-report that:

  • 86% accurately discovered their top 5 strengths
  • 81% had more acceptance of their peers
  • 79% grew in confidence and self-esteem

School workshops for stage 4-5-6 students

Year 7-8

Building a resilient foundation in early high school helps young teens bravely face and overcome the challenges ahead.

Students will:

  • Learn the 4 things resilient people do
  • Discover their Top 5 Character Strengths
  • Adopt a strengths mindset as the foundation for resilience
  • Develop strategies for facing hardship, stress, bullying, and disappointment
  • Take Home Beautiful “keeper” Strengths Pack

Year 9-10

At 15-17yrs old, adolescents are in a critical phase of identity formation. As teens wrestle with the big question ‘who am I?!’ they too often focus on their limitations, struggles, and weaknesses.

Students will:

  • Discover their top 5 strengths
  • Understand how these inform identity, esteem and future choices
  • Grow in acceptance of peers
  • Take home beautiful “keeper” strength cards and parent pack

Year 11-12

A LIFE READY program for senior high.

Many teens in late high school feel lost, unprepared, and anxious about the unknown years ahead. 66% of 16 year olds report their future causes significant stress and angst.

Students will:

  • Learn to plan their future in light of their strengths
  • Discover what motivates them
  • Set goals for critical areas of life and development
  • Receive a take-home goal setting and resilience journal

Over one hundred 5 star Google Reviews

“Best program we’ve ever done”

“Transforming our school”

“Cannot recommend it higher” 

Google Reviews

Become a MyStrengths Facilitator to run these workshops yourself!

We train you to implement a strengths-based approach in a high school setting.

  • Accredited training courses
  • Learn from passionate professionals
  • Gain the knowledge to run this program and make a real difference with your students

Be the Strengths-Expert at your school!

Trusted by hundreds of schools

These schools are putting strengths at the centre of their wellbeing framework. MyStrengths will help you do the same.

Hear what educators have to say about MyStrengths:

“All girls at Ascham School know their strengths. MyStrengths provides a platform that makes it easy, clear and compelling.”

Carolyn Heinz

HT Co-Curricular, Ascham School
“There are so many students who feel lost or have self-doubt. MyStrengths is the best tool I’ve seen to turn it around.”

Travis Mauvae

SSO, Glenfield Park School
“I’ve seen huge engagement from our most needy students to our most advanced. I couldn’t recommend it higher.”

Avryl Queffert

Principal, Liverpool Girls High School

    3 Simple Steps
    to get MyStrengths into your school:


    Send Us An Enquiry

    We’ll give you all the information and work with you to deliver programs that suit your aim, timeframe and budget.


    Run MyStrengths Programs

    Witness the positive changes among students and equip teachers with data and insights to advance well-being.


    Become a
    Strengths-Based School

    Training and resources for students, teachers, and parents. Integrate positive wellbeing into your entire school community.

    Schools get a complete strengths and wellbeing profile for every student with the MyStrengths Dashboard.

    Get data, trends, and reports on each group who complete the MyStrengths assessment and our follow up wellbeing survey.

    You’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of our workshops and track how they have grown students self-esteem and acceptance of others.

    Get clarity on the key issues your students are facing and tailor your wellbeing programs accordingly.

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    “I felt lost and really didn’t like myself. MyStrengths made such a difference and my ‘Top 5’ helped me know myself better. I saw myself through a new lens, and I actually really like who I am!”

    Nat, 16 years old