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Access Codes - bulk discounts apply

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The MyStrengths Assessment has helped tens of thousands of people to discover and grow their own Top 5 strengths. Now you can lead groups at a discounted rate with our bulk-buy access codes.

Perfect for Schools, Life Coaches, Counsellors, Psychologists, business teams to lead large numbers in discovering their strengths.


1. Choose the number of participants you would like to include. Add that number to the "quantity" and "Add to Cart".

2. Add to your cart any of the beautiful "Take Home Pack' Resources that you would like. MyPack cards are best for 14+ year olds; while the Junior Card Box is for 10-13yr olds.

3. Checkout.

4. Upon Checkout, the MyStrengths Team will pack and post your order, while a specialist will reach out to help you set up your Dashboard, Groups and Code Allocation. If you want to start using access codes immediately, write to for speedy response.

0-50 = $10pp

51-100 = $9pp

101-250 = $8pp

250+ = $7.50pp

Codes can be split between different groups but can only be allocated under one organisation.

Example 1: Anglicare have 4 Family Support Hubs around Sydney. They would like each centre to have 50 codes to empower their clients to know their strengths. The purchase 200x codes. Our team set up 4 different Groups with 4 different codes in their dashboard.

Example 2: School of Rock wants to lead 160 Year 7 students and 140 year 10 students to discover strengths. They purchase 300 codes at just $7.50pp. On the 15min Set Up Call, the MyStrengths Consultant creates two groups allocations accordingly - each group having a unique access code.

Example 3: School of Hard Knocks buys the "Full Package 100" as they want all students to discover strengths PLUS get a beautiful take home pack. However, they have 150 students in the year group. So they add to cart:

  • 1x "Full Package 100"
  • 50x additional Access Codes (here)
  • 50x Gloss Wallets (Red MyPack)

The MyStrengths Team will organise a 15 minute Set Up Call to help you make the most of your Dashboard, while we pack and post resources.

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