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TRAINING BUNDLE - Training Course + Gloss Card Resources to get started

AU$2 000.00
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The TRAINING BUNDLE includes the 2-Day Strengths-Facilitator Course PLUS a "Full 100 Package", providing everything you need to get up and running with your first 100 participants. You get trained, and take away an amazing suite of resources to empower students to discover their strengths with beautiful take-home packs.

Package includes:

  • Strengths Facilitator Training Course (RRP $790)
  • Access Codes (for 100 participants) RRP $1000
  • 1x MyPack Box Set - Full set of Strength Cards (25 of each), in matt black branded box RRP $649
  • 1x MyPack Gloss Wallets - 100x Gloss wallets RRP $330
  • Full Reporting Dashboard, with group insights, graphs, trends and individual profiles.
  • Set of 35x Strength Inspirational Posters RRP $175

Total Value: $2944 Yours for $2000


Q = Do I need the card resources to start using the tools I learned in my training?

A = You don't need the cards and gloss wallets to get started helping people discover strengths. The course is enough and the digital strength-finder provides all you need to get strength-profiles, insights, results and action steps. However, if you want to provide gloss take-home packs for students, then this package gives you everything you need.

Q = Is it capped at 100 students?

A = No. More codes are just $10pp. You can buy extra codes here in the store, or you can reach out to our team at

Q = I already did my training. Can I get this bundle without the training?

A = Yes. However, you don't need to pay for the training again. You can buy the 100 Full Package here.

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